The Hobonichi Planner

Hobonichi Planner

I bought a Hobonichi Planner on impulse a couple of weeks ago and even though it’s a bit expensive, I do not regret buying it.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I’ve wanted it ever since I learned about it from Tiny Cartridge. It being featured in a gaming site is probably because the maker of this planner is Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi. I’ve played Earthbound before and I can’t remember if I’ve finished it (most probably not), but I do remember that I’ve gone pretty far on it. Anyway. I think it’s cool and maybe that’s why I’ve been lemming for it.

The planner can be ordered here and will be shipped from Japan. The planner was my first international purchase, so I was a bit apprehensive, but the package was delivered without any problems after just 7 days.

The planner is small, maybe about the size of a small pocketbook, which I like because it could easily fit in my bag. It has year, monthly and daily pages. It also has extra blank pages at the back, along with the usual list of holidays, country/dialling codes, as well as pages containing random information like games around the world, spices and herbs around the world, a guide to ryokans, and how to take a Japanese bath. In each page or two of the planner, there are quotes for inspiration/motivation. Along the side, the months are tabbed, making it easy to get to a month’s entries. Another thing I like about the Hobonichi is that it lays flat when it is opened. Really nice!

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The paper is very thin that’s why the planner isn’t bulky even though each day has its own page. The pages are made with Tomoe River paper which is known for low leakage/bleeding and for being such a lovely, lovely paper to write on. I have tried writing on it and the experience was just, well, wonderful! I used a Parker rollerball and though there weren’t any bleeding, there was a bit of show-through which I think is understandable given the thinness of the paper. I have tried writing on the back of the paper, and I found that if I wrote over it, the show-through isn’t bad at all. I don’t have a photo, but you could look at this post for show-through or ghosting on Tomoe River paper.

Hobonichi Techo

I also bought a cover for my Hobonichi. There are a lot of gorgeous ones on the Hobonichi online store, and I lusted over them, particularly the Angus cover. Huhu. It is so expensive though, so I held off buying it, and opted for a plain (readboring) black polyester cover. I mean, it wouldn’t be practical to buy such an expensive cover for something I don’t even know if I would end up using that much, right? I haven’t touched a Hobonichi with my bare hands, so  I was only acting upon sheer impulse and want, which I think you would agree as not exactly enough justification for buying something so expensive just to “protect” it. So, boring black polyester it was. I would have gotten the Rose Poudre if it was available then, but it wasn’t.

Hobonichi Cover in Angus
Hobonichi Harris Tweed Angus cover. Huhu. I wish you are mine. Image Source.

The polyester cover came with its own plastic cover. Both covers are really well-made. The stitches are clean and even, and the plastic cover doesn’t look cheap because of the added details: the zip lock for the back pocket and the logo printed on the inner flap. There’s also a “2015” embossed on lower end of the spine which added a nice touch.

The cover also has ribbon page markers, as well as pockets to store credit cards, washi tapes, stencils and other things you might need to bring with you when you’re planning to just bring your planner and nothing else. It also has butterfly clasps that when you slide your pen into them, your planner would be “locked”.

Hobonichi Techo

There are lots of ways to use the Hobonichi, as can be seen in this video. Some use it as a planner, some as a diary, and there are some who use it as a scrapbook of sorts. I don’t know how I will use it, but I do know that mine won’t be as colorful or as pretty as those in the video and almost everything I saw online. As much as I want to, I am not creative like that. I might use it mainly as a diary, but we’ll see. It’ll be fun to find out what I will end up putting in it. I am planning to buy a stencil, though, just so that I could have something that looks neat in there. I have ugly handwriting!

This planner cost me Php 2,242.39 (shipping included) plus Php 100 PTCC (Presentation to Customs Charge) which I paid upon delivery. It is expensive, but I think the quality is worth the money. Now, if I could just commit to writing in it for the whole year next year. If I manage to do that, then I’ll buy me that Angus cover for 2016, for sure!

Angus Cover Image Source: Hobonichi Techo 2015 online store

9 thoughts on “The Hobonichi Planner

    • Yeah, I was really tempted to buy one when I saw her post it on Instagram late 2013/early 2014 but it was too expensive for my means at the time. :P


  1. Hi, how was the shipping transaction? Was there an additional cost apart from the shipping fee you paid for? Was it delivered directly to you?


    • The only additional cost apart from what I paid upon checkout is the Php 100 Presentation to Customs Charge. The planner was delivered directly to my address and I paid the PTCC upon delivery. It was really hassle free! :)
      Do note that I only ordered the planner and the cover — I’m not sure if the total price is a factor or not.


      • Hello! I also live in Metro Manila, Las Pinas to be exact. Was the purchase delivered via a courier service like DHL? I’m curious because it was delivered straight to your door, and usually, if a package goes through PhilPost, I just get a notice to pick up the package at the post office or EMS office in Pasay. Thank you in advance for the reply :) I’m looking to get a hobonichi from the official site. :)


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